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Disability and swimming lessons

Parents of children with special educational needs and/or disabilities can get worried about their child’s disability and swimming lessons.

Every child should be treated as an individual so depending on what their specific needs are, they should have the opportunity to learn to swim in mainstream lessons.

They should progress using the same Swim Program. Children with disabilities can work through the same Swim.ae , but will be exempt from some skills where he or she is physically unable to achieve them.

However, different pools have different policies. So we recommend you to use your own local pool before booking lessons.

Swim.ae has one of the few swimming instructors in Dubai to teach people with disabilities and special needs.

Because swim.ae is an organization for children with severe or profound and multiple learning difficulties, the changing facilities, access to the pool and water temperature has been specially adapted for their needs.

All age groups are welcome – from babies through to adults. Special needs classes are tailored to the individual’s needs and focused on what is achievable and on building from this very positive approach.

The benefits of swimming include improved strength and flexibility, enhanced muscular stamina, stronger cardiovascular system, and social skills. Our main aim is to build confidence and provide an environment where the pupil can feel independent through free movement in the water, which may not be achievable outside of the pool.

Through empathy, enthusiasm and understanding each individual we gain trust, creating an atmosphere that is relaxed and positive, promoting a feeling of wellbeing, fun, and enjoyment.


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Swim.ae does all the relevant checks for you. All swimming instructors from swim.ae have the right visa and are fully qualified to train you.

Get in touch with us today, Private Swimming lessons are available in all parts of UAE.


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