Infant swim lessons in Ajman

Infant swim lessons in Ajman

Want your wee one to get a head start when it comes to pool play time? Swim School has helped thousands of babies, infants, toddlers, and adults all over Ajman learn life-saving water safety skills through our infant swim lessons and toddler swim lessons. By pairing your baby with a seasoned swimming instructor in Ajman, your child will learn to conquer any discomfort right in your own pool.

Taking the plunge with infant swim lessons don’t have to be scary for your little one. At Swim School, we believe that personalized private swim lesson programs are the best solution for you and your infant. Our mission at is simple: we want to help your child become happier, healthier, and water safe above all else.


Infant Swim Lessons

We’re as flexible as those pool noodles your kiddo loves! offers infant swim lessons in Ajman that are convenient and meet the specific needs of you and your baby or toddler.

There’s no easier way to learn how to swim than with your very own teacher. Infant swimming classes are taught on a one-on-one basisproviding your toddler or baby with undivided attention (which helps keep their short attention spans in check as well!).

To better serve our clients in Ajman, we also offer swim lessons in a group setting. Grab a few of your neighbors for a private group lesson at your home, condo or community pool or at our facility. Learning can be extra fun when your child is building skills while bonding with their besties!

The best part is that our seasoned swim instructors in Ajman bring their expertise right to your doorstep. Private swimming lessons taught in a comfortable environment facilitates the learning process and also saves you valuable time.

While swim lessons for beginners are an educational experience, our programs definitely aren’t dry (pun intended). At, we understand that not everyone can swim like a fish without any help. So our approach to at-home infant swim lessons in Ajman is to keep them as effective, engaging, and fun as possible. Our swim instructors incorporate games and songs into our infant and toddler swim lessons, which helps ease wary children into the water and builds skill retention.

So how do we keep your kiddies engaged? We’ve organized our infant swim lessons in Ajman into a handful of easy-to-understand steps that focus on the swimming fundamentals.

In our infant swimming classes in Ajman, some of the skills we teach babies, infants and toddlers include:

  • How to enter and exit the pool
  • Learning how to hold their breath
  • How to blow bubbles
  • How to recognize an emergency and how to call for help
  • Treading water
  • Fundamentals on how to kick and move their arms
  • How to swim both assisted and unassisted

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