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Ryan Lochte Announces Plans for Tokyo Even With Potential Suspensions Looming

Yesterday Ryan Lochte was dropped by four of his sponsors after more information came to light surrounding the gas station incident in [...]

5 Reasons Why Swimming Gets Even Better Sophomore Year

By Abby Bergman, Swimming World College Intern My second year of college swimming is just ending and I wanted to look back and reflect on wh [...]

What Even Is A Swammer

By Cathleen Pruden, Swimming World College Intern According to urban dictionary, a swammer is “a person who used to swim, but has eith [...]

Swimming World Presents The Mens NCAA Preview Texas Even Tougher

Each March, in preparation for the upcoming NCAA Championships, Swimming World takes a close look at how the college season has evolve [...]

3 Ways to Make Duel in the Pool Even More Thrilling

By Andrew Ross, Swimming World College Intern The recent Duel in the Pool was a great showcase of some of the world’s best swimming t [...]

Reilly Lanigan Posts Two Top Seeds on Day 1 of Illinois Girls High School State Championship

Agon is the proud sponsor of all high school coverage (recruiting, results, state championships, etc.) on SwimmingWorld.com. For more inform [...]
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