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Grigory Tarasevich Tests Positive for Meldonium Still Rio Bound

Russian Olympian Grigory Tarasevich has tested positive for meldonium. However, he will not face a suspension since the concentration [...]

Yulia Efimovas meldonium suspension lifted by Fina

View full post on BBC news Contact Swim.ae for swimming lessons in Dubai. ______________________________________________________________ Wha [...]

WADA May Show Mercy on Meldonium Dopers

Facing backlash from people calling meldonium positive tests a “trap drug,” the World Anti-Doping Agency released a statement sa [...]

Yuliya Efimova Reportedly Tests Positive For Meldonium

Russia’s Yuliya Efimova has reportedly been caught up in the rampant amount of positive tests for meldonium that has recently taken pl [...]
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