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10 Reasons to Marry a Swimmer

By Ailish Dougherty, Swimming World College Intern. With both Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte, two of the biggest names in swimming, tyingテつ [...]

5 Reasons Swimmers Should Listen to Music During Practice

By Bri Groves, Swimming World College Intern.テつ For the average swimmer, who spends the majority of workout with two ears full of water, m [...]

7 Reasons You Should Get Back Into the Pool As A Masters Swimmer

By Alec Scott, Swimming World College Intern There is nothing quite like swimming. Once you are done racing competitively it can be hard to [...]

3 Reasons to Shrug Off A Bad Taper

By Jake Renie, Swimming World College Intern You’ve been waiting for this moment all year. You step up on the blocks in a brand new fa [...]

Five Reasons Why Joseph Schooling Could Ruin Michael Phelps Gold Medal Party

Commentary by Chuck Warner and Taylor Brienテつ There’s no argument thatテつMichael Phelpsテつhas been having a spectacular final show [...]

4 Reasons To Be Thankful For Your Swim Parents

By Nicole E. Johnson, Swimming World College Intern Behind all of the hard work and dedication that swimming takes, there are swim parents w [...]

4 Reasons to Root for FirstTime Olympian Cody Miller

Editorial Coverage Sponsored By By Nicole E. Johnson, Swimming World College Intern World champion and newly-minted Olympian,テつCody Miller [...]
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