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Failing With Grace Rising With Strength

By Caitlin Daday, Swimming World College Intern This is it. Race day. You have done everything you needed to do, there is no turning back no [...]

A Tower Of Strength Clark Smith

A Tower Of Strength At 6-9, Texas swimmer Clark Smith—literally— towers over his competition. At NCAAs later this month, heâ [...]

Pac12 Divers Show Early Season Strength at Bruin Invite

By Danielle Repper, Swimming World College Intern Pac-12– the Conference of Champions! This past weekend at the Bruin Invitational [...]

New Year Resolution Improved Swimming Core Strength

By Dr. G. John Mullen, DPT, CSCS I’ve written many articles about sexy, challenging swimming core strength training exercises: Adva [...]
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