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College Sports Arent All ThatTheyre Better

College Sports Arent All ThatTheyre Better

By Bonnie Schipper, Swimming World College Intern

Committing to play a college sport is one of the most incredible things that a student-athlete can experience. It comes with a huge mixture of feelings, ranging from excitement, to relief, to anxiety.

What many high school seniors don’t realize, however, is that college athletics are a different beast than the twi-hour-a-day, couple-of-days-a-week, three-months-a-year “rigor” of high school or club sports. In high school, “everyone” knew the faces of the stars of each team, and EVERYONE knew the ones who were part of the less-than-three percent of high school athletes who would go on to compete at the Division-I level.

I graduated from a high school with 2,000 students, with almost 500 in my class. I was lucky enough to be one of the five seniors who was “#D1Bound.” Everyone saw me in my bright blue Columbia shirt and assumed I was one of the biggest, strongest, fastest, most skilled athletes in my sport in the world. At first, I knew better than to let that go to my head. But, after getting flown to New York for my official, signing my letter of intent, and getting my name printed in the local paper alongside the label “college commit,” I started to think I was a big shot. After all – I had earned my all-conference honors and people all over the state knew who I was. College could only be better – free gear, televised competitions, and the D1 label? Nothing better, right?

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