Controversial Scott Volkers Leaves Brazils Minas Tenis Club

Controversial Scott Volkers Leaves Brazils Minas Tenis Club

Scott Volkers will be leaving his position with the Minas Tenis Club in Brazil, according to a coaching vacancy posted by the club.

The coach had faced controversy after he was accused of “indecent dealings” with a few of of his Australian swimmers in the 1980s.

In October 2011 he was hired by Minas Tenis Club in Brazil. The team was one of the strongest clubs in the nation at the time and has continued at that prominence throughout the Rio quad. The host nation, which sent eight swimmers from Minas Tenis Club, then struggled during the Games, failing to medal in the pool.

Volkers also faced a more personal struggle that still may have impacted his swimmers. The coach was banned from the Olympic Games this summer after a request from the President of the Australian Olympic Committee.

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