Swimternational with German Olympian Theresa Michalak

Swimternational with German Olympian Theresa Michalak

by Mariana de Paula, Swimming World College Intern

Imagine waking up in over 30 different countries, checking in at over 200 different hotels, and swimming in more than 200 different waters – all in less than 20 years. That is the life of Theresa Michalak, a German swimmer who left her family and her life behind to pursue her dream of training in the U.S.

It’s fair to stay Michalak was always talented. She discovered her love for swimming at a very early age and decided to pursue a career in it.

“Swimming is not just a sport to me; it is my shelter and a place I love to feel comfortable in. The remarkable silence underwater is nowhere else to be found, and that’s why I fell in love with it,” Michalak said. She was never the tallest, the strongest, the fastest or the bravest one among her group, but she definitely wanted it the most. And this mindset took her places she never expected.

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