Why Do We Swim

Why Do We Swim

By Zach Breeding, Swimming World College Intern.

“Why do humans do anything?” is a really big question. Some questions like this have biological answers such as: Why do humans eat? Well, because we need the chemical energy we get from the food in order to survive and continue to function. Others can be answered in the field of psychology such as: Why do people become attached to their mother? And we would know this is because of the nourishment and comfort provided by the mother. But some questions, like “Why do people join and continue in the sport of swimming?” have much more complex answers.

Some people, like Peter Drucker, a philosophic thinker in the field of business, say that everyone should be treated as a volunteer; this means that unless people are given a reason to stick around, they won’t.  This seems to be a reasonable assumption as in most human experience it’s hard to find an example of someone voluntarily staying in some form of a relationship– be it personal, public, or business if they are not getting something out of said relationship.

Skeptics may point to abusive relationships and ask what people or groups of people are getting out of relationships which are toxic for them. In response to this, I would say that in most voluntarily relationships, even if the negatives for one party are very present, there is always some positive. Things such as favors or a sense of worth is gained from these relationships and thus a person uses this justify the relationship.

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