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Personalise your BBC Sport app and sign up for notifications

Want all the biggest sports news and analysis sent direct to your phone or tablet? Then download the BBC Sport app and sign up to notificati [...]

When Training Isnt Going Your Way

By Benny Liang, Swimming World College Intern. The typical college swimming season is a long and arduous process. Over the course of seven m [...]

2 Missing Parts of Your Swimmers Shoulder Injury Prevention Program

By Dr. G. John Mullen, Swimming World Contributor I often discuss shoulder health, in fact many of you are probably sick of me laboring abou [...]

5 Ways to Use Your Tempo Trainer

By Bri Groves, Swimming World College Intern. Tempo Trainers are a new gadget designed to boost swimmers’ performance and encour [...]

3 Muffin Recipes to Substitute for Your Protein Bar

By Bri Groves, Swimming World College Intern Eating protein after practice is essential for swimmers to rebuild muscle and keep up ene [...]

4 Tips for A Successful Start to Your Season

By Emily Messina, Swimming World College Intern It can be a challenge to get back into the pool and begin another season. We know the task w [...]

5 Ways to Stay On Your Mental Game This Season

By Natalia Kaczor, Swimming World Magazine College Intern  With school having started for most students, this means that another swim sea [...]

Why Kiss Your Medal When You Can Hear It Paralympians Enabled

The 2016 Rio Paralympic Games sprung into action nine days ago and since the beginning of competition we’ve noticed something a little [...]

4 Most Important People to Have In Your Corner

By Temarie Tomley, Swimming World College Intern Every swimmer needs and deserves a support system. Having the following people in your corn [...]

4 Reasons To Be Thankful For Your Swim Parents

By Nicole E. Johnson, Swimming World College Intern Behind all of the hard work and dedication that swimming takes, there are swim parents w [...]
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