9 Benefits Of Swimming That You May Have Never Known

Did you know that swimming is one of the best aerobic exercises? Or that it can slow down your aging process?

Yes, there are many benefits of swimming, besides it being a fun activity for the summers.

So open up your limbs, look at the blue sky, take the leap and propel into the fresh soothing waters of the pool and enjoy the sun with the most healthy activity.

But right before you go for that, check out these 9 swimming benefits that we bring exclusively for you.

Table of Contents

  • Swimming for muscle strength
  • Swimming for Weight loss
  • Flexibility Benefits of Swimming
  • Swimming helps in Distressing
  • Swimming boosts your energy level
  • Swimming can help you fight diseases.
  • Swimming helps lung health
  • Swimming can slow down the aging
  • Swimming benefits for skin


Well check out these benefits of swimming and decide for yourself

Benefit 1: Swimming can be great for muscle strength:

Swimming involves your activity for your different body parts like legs, arms, back, stomach, etc. Thus it is a great aerobic workout for your entire body to provide amazing muscle strength.

Benefit 2: Swimming for Weight loss:

Swimming can be a great exercise that can help in weight loss by burning calories.

It has been found that an hour of vigorous swimming can burn around 715 calories.

In fact, according to the researchers at Indiana University, when they compared recreational fitness swimmers with non-swimmers, they found that swimmers of all ages had more lean muscle and trimmer waists and hips.

Well, now you got to swim, right?


Benefit 3: Flexibility benefits of swimming:

The body of a swimmer becomes flexible with all those stretches and twists under water.

Benefit 4: Swimming Helps in Distressing:

No matter if you’re fit or not fit, a regular 30 mins of swimming session can make you go stress-free to the core.

So be it the workload at the office or the personal drama going around, a dive in the pool can take the stress load off your shoulders.

Benefit 5: Swimming boosts up your Energy Level:

Another benefit of swimming is that it boosts up your energy level. Spend half an hour in the pool waters swimming, you’ll see that you are more active during the rest of the day daily works.

Benefit 6: Swimming can help you fight diseases:

Swimming benefits your body by giving you a cardiovascular workout.

So, if you are not the gym type person at all, just be a little pool type and get your daily doses of cardiovascular activity and lower the risks of diseases like heart problems, type 2 diabetes as well as strokes.

Benefit 7: Swimming helps lung health:

Did you know that by swimming you can better your lung volume? This can be pretty beneficial for people with asthma issues.

So all the asthma patients can go for swim sessions and not do the dreadful gym times. Swimming is also found to be good for asthma patients by improving many symptoms like snoring, mouth-breathing, etc.

Benefit 8: Swimming can slow down aging:

In a world of age locking beauty creams, swimming can be one natural way to stay younger. Swimming is found to be helping in increasing body muscle mass, lowering blood pressure, improving blood flow to the brain, etc. These can be really helpful in slowing down your aging process and hence keep you younger looking!

Benefit 9: Swimming benefits for skin:

Although it is true mostly for oceanic waters, swimming in salt water can be very good for your skin. I know, oceans aren’t that accessible for all of us, but for the ones they are; go have a skin rejuvenating swimming session.


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