The 4th Annual Swim For Alligator Lighthouse

The 4th Annual Swim For Alligator Lighthouse

The 4th Annual Swim For Alligator Lighthouse returns Saturday September 17 at the Moorings Resort and Spa where over 200 swimmers from all over the world will compete in one of Open Water Swimming’s most difficult challenges: a 9 mile open ocean swim through some of the most beautiful waters that the Florida Keys has to offer. The challenge not only comes with duration of the swim, some participants taking 8 hours to complete the feat, but also multiple tidal changes, several weather changes, current changes, and swarms of Moon Jellyfish.

The swim not only challenges individual swimmers, it brings out camaraderie and an amazing escape for the family for an entire weekend of festivities. Two person and Four Person teams also get the opportunity to compete in the 9 mile swim. Registration and information is available online at swimalligatorlight.com.

The Swim For Alligator Lighthouse benefits the Friends of the Pool, a Florida Non-Profit Organization committed to providing athletic opportunities to student athletes from the Florida Keys.

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