The Legacy of A Lane The Training Partner Bond

The Legacy of A Lane The Training Partner Bond

By Alison Murtagh, Swimming World College Intern

Swimming is usually referred to as an “individual” sport, which is ironic due to the notion that most swimmers are rather loud and social people. As a result, it can be very difficult to swim distance sets without being able to talk to someone about the random joke that came into your head mid-1000, or share something funny that happened to you that day at school. Instead, you’re stuck with your own monotonous thoughts as you do flip turn after flip turn—that is, until you finally get to the wall.

That’s why the teammates in the lane are so crucial. They are the ones to turn to with a look of agony plastered on your face when the main set is written on the board. They are the ones that you social kick with when coach isn’t looking, or squirt with your water bottle just to see their reaction. A “lane mate” is there to harmonize with you when a new song comes out on the radio and you just can’t get it out of your head, or to tell you to shush if you don’t realize that coach is about to talk.

They hear the comments you whisper under your breath, and are the first ones to offer a high-five after a good practice. Swimmers are the kings and queens of having broken conversations on the wall in the middle of a set. In no other sport can athletes tell their teammates about their days within 10 five-second periods on the wall between 100s.

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